Thursday, April 12, 2012

Harmar Introduces 3 Exciting New Products

After Harmar acquired Summit this past year, Harmar Stairway Lifts design team has certainly not stood still, but has not too long ago launched a few brand new styles of stair lifts.
The new models Pinnacle SL600FR, Alpine, along with Sierra IL500PL can be most useful to you if you are intending on furnishing your multi story home with comfortable access for all the floors.
Harmar Stair Lifts brings major upgrades and break through introductions in all three new models. Let's see.

The new models Pinnacle SL600FR, Alpine, and Sierra IL500PL will be most useful to you if you are planning on equipping your multi story home with easy access to all the floors.
Harmar Stair Lifts brings significant improvements and new concept introductions in all three new models. Let's see.
Harmar Sierra IL500PL Platform Lift For Mobility Scooters And Wheelchairs
Harmar Sierra IL500 Platform Lift combines the transportation feature of a stair lift and a carrying feature of a mobility scooter carrier.
Summit acquisition was a perfect opportunity for Harmar to cross-fertilize and introduce a brand new platform lift.
The platform size of 25 by 36 inches is sufficient to carry a small mobility scooter, or a wheel chair and a passenger simultaneously.
Sierra IL500 Platform Lift can be installed as an indoor or outdoor lift. To carry extra load, both the lower, standard rail, and the upper, hand rail must be put in place.
A front and back ramp will help the mobility scooter drive on and off the platform.
Overspeed governor, obstruction sensors are some of the additional standard features on the Harmar Sierra IL500.
The Folding Rail Harmar Pinnacle SL600FR
Harmar Pinnacle LS600FR will fold and pack to just 11 inches, the narrowest in the industry.
The optional folding rail on the Harmar Pinnacle LS600FR will save some extra space, and will be less intrusive when folded up.
The folding rail on Harmar Pinnacle folds automatically to save space, and unfolds when needed for the stairlift to reach its destination.
The rail is up to 70 feet long with Harmar Pinnacle LS600FR, and it can carry a person up to 350 lbs heavy.
The "helical worm gear" that allows the motion is patented and maintenance free.
Harmar Alpine, Express And Alpine Signature
Both the DC power and AC power is available with Harmar Alpine. DC power is useful if you are experiencing frequent blackouts at home.
32 feet is the maximal range of Harmar Alpine.
The options that are available with Harmar Alpine are a variety of seating, folding rail option and anodized rail option.
First quarter of 2012 is the expected date of release for all three Harmar Alpine stairlifts.
Need more information on Harmar stairlift models? Check out the section Harmar stairlift on the site

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